Self Care for Caregivers with Dr Edward Smink towardabetterlife's podcast

Hi and welcome to Toward A Better Life.  This is your host Kevin Pennell.  Today’s episode is unique from the others, because it is part one of two.  We’re talking with Dr. Edward Smink, a passionate coach for caregivers.  His life has been one embraced by compassion beginning as a Registered Nurse, evolving toward counseling, and an earned PhD, now specifically working with caregivers.  In this episode we’ll be discussing Caregiver Burnout, Caregiver Fatigue, Compassion Fatigue and begin to share how to move forward from these conditions.  If you are a Caregiver, and we all are as you will learn, this episode will help you with self care or soul care as Dr. Ed likes to call it and how to return to the passion and joy you have known as a Caregiver.  Join me now for Part 1, Self Care for Caregivers on this episode of Toward A Better Life.  Contact Dr. Edward Smink: https://soulofcaregiving.com/why
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