Pro Active Cold & Flu Care

We hear a great deal about colds and cases of flu.  With each year or season, new flu strains present themselves.  Tragic stories tell of young children, elderly, and even healthy people falling victim to flu and flu-related illness.  In most cases, colds and touches of flu can be overcome as long as the bugs are addressed quickly, usually within the first 24 hours.stuffy nose

“It’s just a sniffle, I’ll get over it.”  “I feel little achey.  I’ll just work it off.”  “My throat feels a little scratchy, but it’ll pass.  It usually does.”  All too familiar statements, but they are the body’s early warning system telling us something is wrong and it needs to be addressed… now, not later or when we have the time.  In these times, we have forgotten to listen to our bodies.  When we do listen, our bodies will usually tell us what we need to do.  Some cravings tell of nutritional deficits while others may suggest we slow down, and still, others will tell us to go to bed and rest, but we don’t have the time.  Here’s a thought, take the time to rest or recuperate before our body says, “No more” and we are laid up in bed.

Some common habits can help prevent sickness in the cold and flu seasons.  flu cartoonFirst, we should wash our hands often.  Sanitizers work well, but not nearly as well as washing our hands with warm soapy water.  Typically, washing with soap and very warm to warm water for about twenty seconds or long enough to create a good lather does the trick.  If symptoms present themselves, stay home for at least a day or two.  The typical infectious period for Colds and flu range from one to two days before symptoms present themselves and up to five or seven days after.  This is why it’s so important to stay home and rest, not only to support your own well-being, but to prevent the spread of the pathogens to others.  Also, drink plenty of good fluids, like warm herbal teas, even warm or room temperature water, natural fruit juices while avoiding dairy, soda, excessive caffeine and… restcover for cough sneezeGet plenty of bed rest.  Find a good book to read.  Whenever we cough or sneeze cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your upper sleeve or arm.  This prevents the spread of associated germs.

Several years ago I developed a herbal recipe that has proven itself to be very effective to battle colds and flu in my own life.  Others have tried the same recipe with great success.  Following the recipe precisely has the best results.  Here’s that recipe!


Finally, several supplements help to build the immune system during the cold and flu season.  I’ve found some very effective commercial eldeberry syrups along with a variety of effervescent supplements.  Taking Vitamin D3 and C also help to build the immune system.  While on the subject of preventative supplements I would like to share a short thought about echinacea.  Some like to take this herb to prevent an illness. As noted in the above recipe, echinacea is a primary ingredient to build the immune system while the infection is present.  That’s its ideal use.  Echinacea, while ideal when a pathogen is present, isn’t necessarily something to take as a preventative.  Taking it as preventative can cause it to be less effective to aid us when the pathogen is present because our body has adapted itself to its regular use.  So, instead of the doses noted in the recipe, higher doses may be required during a cold or flu to achieve a level of efficacy.  Some other proactive supplements include garlic, elderberry, astragalus, ginger, and nettle leaf.

So, during the cold and flu season, execrise personal hygine, be proactive, begin care at the first sign(s) of illness, remain diligent with self-care, and listen to our bodies – they’ll tell us what to do.

Recipe for Colds and Flu

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