Wholistic Living – A State of Mind

Buddha meditation You are what you think.  If you think about being sick continually, you either are or will become sick.  You can place yourself in that state of being.  If these statements are true then their opposites must also be true.  We really are what we think.  These statements ultimately relate to a state of mind, and attitude.  Our attitude can dictate or at the very least influence the result of a given situation or circumstance.

There is a sacred order of survival in survival skills, meaning when we are faced with hazardous and potentially fatal odds, we begin to think and react from a primal state of mind… to survive, to overcome the odds.  Primitive skills teach a sacred order of survival; shelter, water, fire, and food.  But without the proper attitude the chances of our survival are greatly diminished.  Simply put, if we believe we will not survive or give up trying, we will most likely perish.  If, however, we believe we will survive, we just increased our chances of living several times over.  So, even to survive we should maintain an attitude that we will do just that, survive.

Our wellness and the desire to live holistically depends on our attitude, our belief that we can and will live our lives better than we have in the past.  If the desire is great enough, we will make this goal a reality, but it involves the necessity of change.  We need to change a portion or portions of our lifestyle to create change in our life and our state of wellness.  And change takes effort.

Many speak of New Year’s Resolutions in the sense of needing to begin in January.If they don’t begin in January, they believe they have failed and given up trying.  When we seek to improve our state of being, physical, emotional, or spiritual, we can begin the process of change anytime, as long as we actually begin.happiness

Once we begin, we must continue the journey and not give up part way through.  If our goal is to lose weight, lower cholesterol, and become healthier, begin with the proper attitude that you will do your best to accomplish the task.  You will do it to survive and this will create a new way of living, living healthy, living holistically.  To begin the process is a noble cause.  To accomplish the goal is a fundamental victory that can lead to even greater accomplishments in life.  Healing and seeking a healthier lifestyle doesn’t begin with which program, which diet, what club to join, or how much weight to lose, it begins by having a survivor’s attitude, a winner’s attitude, that you will finish what you started.  See yourself, visualize yourself both healthy and well.

Whether you begin in January or April, begin, begin, begin.  Once the commitment is made don’t give up your journey to wellness, claim the state of mind of living holistically.Closing Thought

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