A New Beginning

I had a professor in college who enjoyed the reference to life being a series of “new beginnings”.  Well, after three years of this blog, I’ve made changes to it to become a writing platform, hopefully not just full of just platitudes and meanderings, but more as thoughts to press us on to further thought, greater awareness, and more appreciation of, dare I say it, ourselves and the simple truths of life.

I believe as we seek to apply the simple truths of life we move to a greater awareness of the those endeavors and thoughts that matter and that can transform us into better people, better spirits, and better souls.  Some of these endeavors include living simply to simply live (and I already hear some cry out, “Hypocrite” because I’m using a laptop and a blog site to express these thoughts, well to them I would say, today’s laptop and internet is yesterday’s clay tablet and wooden pen.  So deal with it!).  The endeavors include expressing thoughts about simple concepts and teachings gleaned from the natural world around us, like my “Tales for the Journey” or becoming one with the natural world through learning about primitive skills, herbs, sustainability, and holistic healing techniques like my essays on “Wholistic Living”.

It’s like my dear friend and brother Two Feathers would say that, “Life is a school,” so what you do with your life is purely up to you.  There’s is no pass or fail here my friend, you simply “are”, so why not enjoy just being, being you.

Make today your New Beginning.  If you feel like chasing a rainbow or butterfly, go ahead.  If you feel like laughing in the face of adversity, then do it (I think with the stuff we are witnessing these days, we should be in hysterics!).  If you wish to go stare at spider weaving her web and consider that perhaps you should begin to weave a new web because the old one doesn’t seem to fit or work anymore then weave it!  The only one stopping your progress and advancement in the school of life really is you ya know (that includes me).  So, join me if you wish and let’s each enjoy A New Beginning…

Peace, Nameste’, or Just keep on keepin’ on,


PS – Mike, I think I found my real Focus.  Thanks Brother!

One response to “A New Beginning”

  1. I love this entry! Life is constantly changing, ebbing and flowing, it sure is a series of new beginnings! Thank you for this entry. I think I needed it!

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