Wholistic Living – Listening to Our Bodies

        A dear friend of mine, who crossed over several years ago, used to say, “You should learn to listen to your body.  It’ll tell you what it needs.”  Then she explained how many have forgotten how to listen to our bodies. 

        Sweets (often called “empty sweets” because their nutritional value is so low) and very spicy, or highly flavored “fast foods” have influenced our tastes so much that natural foods don’t seem to satisfy us as they did our parents, grandparents, and ancestors who listened to their bodies.  Yet, our taste buds can be reprogrammed and we can learn to listen to our bodies.  Leaning to listen to our bodies can lead to healthier living.

        Once our tastes have been reprogrammed, the foods we used to “crave” no longer appeal to us.  Like anything though, learning to listen to our bodies and takes time. 

        To start with consider how our bodies tell us we have over indulged.  We get heartburn, acid reflux, excess gas, or other digestive reactions.  So, run for the antacid or some other fast acting relief or watch we eat.  Ingredients and nutritional facts found on prepared foods.  We simply need to take the time to read the label.  If it tastes and looks good, it must be good for us.  Right?  Not necessarily.  Many prepared foods contain half to three quarters the daily requirement for sodium, sugar, and fats.  If we eat one, two, or three meals of the prepared foods, trust me, our bodies will tell us they don’t like what we’ve eaten! Remember, our bodies will tell us what we should and should not consume.  All we need to do is learn to listen.

        Our bodies communicate about our nutritional needs in many ways.  For example, yawning or feeling quite tired could be a sign of the obvious, not enough rest.  It could also mean dehydration or too much sugar in your system.  However, if we feel “wired” or irritable that too could be too much sugar.  What about headaches?  They’re like internal radar or sensors telling us, “Wake up! Be attentive!”  Something is “off” or out of balance  Don’t just take a pain killer and go about your business.  If you can’t address the problem at the time the headache presents itself, do so later, but don’t ignore.  Then there’s no need to overreact either.  Simply be more cognizant of your body.   Yet another example among many, feeling cold can indicate a need to include warming foods into your diet through meat or introducing herbs like dried ginger, cinnamon, or pepper, and cutting back on vegetables and fruits.

        Our bodies communicate to us in many ways if we simply take the time to learn to listen.  So listen… your body will thank you!

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