Tales For The Journey – Planting Seeds

        Seeds and seedlings have been planted. Now comes the time of the caretaker, to cultivate, weed, protect against predators, and nourish so the seeds grow into plants. Those plants in turn will mature to produce the desired fruit, and so grows the garden. At the end of this cycle we harvest the fruit from the plant we have cared for, lovingly nurtured. Sometimes we think back as we harvest, this fruit all came from a single seed. Miraculous isn’t it when you think about it. All this from a seed.

        We began by looking through the volumes of seed catalogues and choosing the standard veggies we always enjoy mixed with a few new ones perhaps hybrids or heirlooms, then the herbs, ah the herbs used for culinary and medicinal needs.

        Taking this a step further, consider what’s contained in each seed, locked inside is the DNA for each plant. The DNA holds the family, the color, the shape, the genes for the plant. Most of the seeds will, hopefully, germinate through another miraculous process where the seed begins its transformational journey. It begins through a spark of life and that spark is fanned into a flame of life. Whether you wish to call the process a scientific process or recognize divine intervention, the process is the same. Provided with the proper environment for germination, the seed musters its strength, bursts through a hardened protective shell, sending out shoots and roots, seeking food, water, and sunlight to grow. We intervene to insure that it grows well, so we can harvest the fruit and…grow…just like the plant. Are we that different from plants? As the seed becomes part of the earth and all elements to insure growth and fruit, so we are related to the plant. We are seed, we are plant, we are the fruit through a wondrous spark we call the circle of life.

        That spark of life, divine or natural, dwells within each of us, but it needs to be drawn out and fanned into a flame. Before the growth begins, like the plant seed, that spark of life needs to be acknowledged beforehand. Our charge for our growth, wake up from our slumbers and acknowledge the spark of life within us, nurture it and allow it to grow and flourish. The seed has to be planted in the soil before it can grow. It has within its walls all its potentials, but those potentials remain dormant until they are given the right conditions to grow, develop, and produce fruit. There are many souls in this life who will not wake up to their divine potential and they are like seeds stored away in packets. If you wish freedom in your life. If you wish to grow. If you wish to produce fruit, you must desire to break your bonds to be free. When the desire is there you will receive help in every way possible, It begins with the desire in you to grow and produce fruit.

Kevin Pennell, an author from Bethel, Maine, wrote Two Feathers-Spiritual Seed Planter and has written for other periodicals and media. He is a Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher, Herbalist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Ancestral Healing Practitioner, and Intuitive Medium. He conducts Reiki and other workshops that assist spiritual and personal development. Kevin and wife Vickie Cummings own and operate SpiritWings their Compassionate Healing Center and Therapeutic apothecary located in Bethel, Maine

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