Tales for the Journey – The Work Within

The daffodils’ brilliant colors, the leaves sprout from their roots, and sleepy burdock wakes from its winter slumber to share and enjoy spring. These plants now begin to show their fruits of their unseen labors, their labors that began from within.

Ever stop to consider all the work that went on behind the scenes, the labor that the plant doesn’t show to produce the beauty that’s revealed for all to see? It’s the work within that we do not see that’s so vastly important. If it weren’t for the work that takes place within the plant, the unseen work, we would not behold the beauties that we do. With the naked eye, we don’t see the germination, the fertilization, the cellular divisions… all are necessary, to show the plant, the flower, the fruit. We usually don’t see the shoot break through the seed’s hull, but if it’s done its work within, the unseen work, it does. We see the leaf or flower bud, but we usually don’t see the cells and molecules moving about to create the bud. Only after internal effort on the seed’s and plant’s part, do we just begin to see sprout and bud appear.

The plant in all its magic and splendor shows Itself after it completes the unseen work within.

We can learn some valuable lessons from the unseen efforts of our leaved relatives. Do the work within, the unseen work. Go within, to produce the beautiful foliage, the nourishing fruit, that you are or can be for yourself and others.

As we look within, leave that which is no longer necessary behind. Once the seed husk has completed its task, the plant deems the seed husk as unnecessary baggage and sheds it. The hull protected the seed until the seed was ready to produce the life within. Afterward, the hull was no longer needed, so it was left behind. It served its purpose. After certain objects in our life serve their purpose, shed them, leave them behind. The memories may remain, but we no longer need to nourish them or give them power in our lives.

If there is negativity in our life, leave it behind. It serves no purpose to promote our growth. Remove it from our life. Once you perform this work within, you will begin to see your life differently.

To work within is a very real and practical exercise for our daily life, not just a life of theory, and as you live it you will see how wonderfully it works. You’ll experience incredible changes and see how these changes can have a positive effect in the people and situations around us. You will realize more and more that so much more is possible when we shed the unnecessary objects that clutter our lives. All things ARE possible.

You will be able to move forward into the unknown with absolute faith and confidence. There will be no fear in you as you enter uncharted waters, for the spirit of adventure will be in you as you see the New unfold in true perfection. Look within and see how everything you do this day can contribute to the whole, and to the needs of all those you contact and then give your very best.

It all begins, when you work within.

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